We live in a world where mental illness is increasing. More and more people are feeling lost or left out. Everyday life has become more stressful and complex, sometimes so complex that we find it difficult to find our place in it. In such a situation it is easy for bad habits to arise. But everyone has a place and everyone deserves to be happy. Therapy provides both support and tools.

My name is Johan Lundberg. I am a licensed psychologist with a passion to support others in their personal development. I am firmly convinced that all people deserve happiness and have the opportunity to be happy. But sometimes we end up wrong or have difficulty making the necessary changes. In that situation it is crucial to get help. Seeing a psychologist is nothing strange. It is about getting help in analyzing the situation you are in, defining what you want to achieve and getting easily accessible tools and support to get you there. Common reasons to seek therapy are anxiety, relationship issues, stress and depression.

I am trained in both cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy, but I also have a strong interest in positive psychology. When we first meet, we choose the method that you think is best for you. I have worked with primary care, psychiatry, specialist treatment in stress and with education. I have also worked with organizational psychology around the world.
My own happiness comes from my family and my friends, my hobbies gardening and working out as well as working with my passion psychology.

Therapy on your terms

Traditional therapy

We meet at my office in central Malmö. During our first session we take a closer look at what it is that you want help with and then choose what kind of therapy that is suitable. Sessions are 45 minutes long and cost 1400 SEK. Booking is made through hej@changemakerpsychology.se.

Digital therapy

You can also choose therapy online. An online session is just like meeting a psychologist in an office. You log in to an encrypted video service via your smartphone, tablet or computer from any location. The session is 45 minutes and costs SEK 1400. Booking is made through hej@changemakerpsychology.se. Before the session, you will receive a link to the encrypted video service.

Therapy at home

I also offer a limited number of time slots for home visits in Malmö, Velllinge, Skanör and Falsterbo. We meet in your home or at your workplace, however we must be able to work undisturbed during the whole session. Each session is 45 minutes, please contact hej@changemakerpsychology.se for more information and pricing.

Frequently asked questions about therapy

CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT focuses on changing the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that create problems or hinder you in your life. We work actively together during the sessions. We also agree on tasks or exercises that you can work on between our sessions. CBT usually means meeting every or every other week, but at the end of the therapy it is common to meet less often to be able to follow up on your change.

Psychodynamic therapy, sometimes abbreviated PDT, emphasizes that past relationships and experiences influence how we perceive and handle new situations. During the sessions, we strive for a trusting and secure relationship so that we together can discover and understand what it is that has been difficult for you. We talk about your memories, experiences and feelings. Psychodynamic therapy usually means meeting every week.

Positive psychology is a modern direction in psychology. Unlike traditional psychology that often focuses on problems, positive psychology focuses on strengths and positive aspects of life. Therefore positive psychology sometimes is called happiness psychology! The therapy can focus on developing one’s strengths, following one’s values, and experiencing more happiness or meaningfulness in life. We work actively together during the sessions, but sometimes you also get exercises to do between the sessions. Usually we meet every or every other week, but at the end of the therapy it is usual to meet less often to be able to follow up on your progress.

I don’t know yet. It depends both on what it is you want help with and on how you want to work with this. When we meet for the first time, I will explain the different forms of therapy, then we decide which direction will be best for you.

The first session will mostly focus on your situation, why you want help and what you hope to get out of therapy. We will talk about your life in general and your life story, but above all about what it is that you want help with. I will tell you about my way of working as a psychologist and the different rules in therapy. We end the session by formulating goals for your therapy and choosing how we will work together in the future. Sometimes you can be a bit nervous the first time you meet a psychologist. You don’t need to prepare and can be completely calm, as a psychologist I am used to the situation and it is my responsibility that the session is rewarding for you. If you don’t like sometime, you say it, you never commit to anything when you meet a psychologist! The session is 45 minutes.

It depends on what it is that you want help with. In CBT we usually see each other 3-10 times, in psychodynamic therapy usually 5-15 times.

No, unfortunately I don’t. If you are looking for a psychologist available through the “vårdval” in Region Skåne, please click here.

Yes, many people get their therapy covered by their employer. Your manager needs to approve a cost proposal before we start the therapy.

Before each session, you receive a link to an encrypted video service. You can use a computer with a webcam, a tablet or a smartphone. You use the internet browser and don’t need to download any program, app or plugin. You can log in to the session in advance to test how audio and video work. Each session is 45 minutes.

We meet in your home or at your workplace. It is important that we can be undisturbed throughout the session, so a separate room with two chairs is best. As a psychologist, I have a duty of confidentiality and emphasize discretion. Each session is 45 minutes.

Rescheduling and cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours before the session, otherwise you will have to pay for the session. You can easily cancel via the booking system, mail or sms.

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