Change delivered

Today change is faster than ever. But there is often a gap between intention and action, between goal and result. As licensed psychologist I apply research-based tools from behaviour science, change management and positive psychology to deliver change. I adapt these tools to your reality to create the change that you need. Change delivered.

Develop your personal leadership, benefiting both yourself and your organization.

Give your team the best conditions and tools to enjoy work and perform at their best.


Johan Lundberg_2021_Foto Malin Kihlstrom

This is Changemaker Psychology

Behind Changemaker Psychology stands Johan Lundberg, licensed psychologist, specializing in positive change. Johan applies modern, evidence-based tools to create positive, sustainable change in indiviuals, teams, organizations and society. The company is carbon neutral by compensation and 5 % of the annual profit is donated to NGOs working to create change for the better.

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