Team development

By giving your team the right conditions and tools, you make the results that you need possible. Teams that are secure, committed and have clear goals perform better and handle change more easily.

Management teams

Effective management teams have a major impact on business success. By assessing the effectiveness of the management team, not the individual members, a rich foundation for development is created. This enables quick and efficient actions for better collaboration and results. We use effect – an evidence-based questionnaire that measures factors required for high-performing management teams. The development process consists of repeated measurements with effect, in combination with workshops that turn insights into action.

Other teams

By implementing insights from research on what makes groups thrive, the best conditions are created for high-performing groups. By translating research into easily accessible tools, the group can drive its own development. The development process is designed according to the needs of the group and can consist of inspiring talks, action-filled workshops and team coaching.


factors explain efficiency in management teams

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